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about me!

hi! it's nice to meet you, reader! i go by lots of names, but you can call me angela, or angie for short!

these are my pronouns, and these are my genders!

i'm an asexual non-binary polyamorous lesbian, and this is my lovely girlfriend, raven!

some of my interests: 90s/2000s web & gaming, html/css coding, retro gaming, nintendo games in general, alt/rock music, cosplay, alt/emo/scene fashion, japanese (the language)

games i like: the professor layton series, team fortress 2, ace attorney, animal crossing, paper mario, splatoon, pokémon, the portal series, club penguin

other stuff i like: hlvrai, creepypasta, moomins, vocaloid, my little pony

music i like: mcr, fob, get scared, gerard way, ray toro, frank iero, electric century, the hoosiers